Advice you can trust

Four Steps to Financial Advice

If you think you may need financial advice, just take these four easy steps.

1. Contact us

Call us on 02 8086 2462 or email to arrange a no obligation meeting. We do not charge for this meeting.

2. Meet with us

Meet us to discuss your needs and to find out what we can offer you. In preparation for this meeting, we ask you to complete a brief questionnaire about your current financial position, your goals and how you would like us to help you.

3. Discussion and analysis

If you decide you would like to use our services, we may ask you for more detailed information to assist in our analysis. Typically, there is then further discussion of your needs and goals as well as some options and ideas. This step could be another meeting, phone calls and/or emails.

4. Statement of Advice

Once we have a feel for your preferences and goals, we will write a Statement of Advice outlining our recommendations. We will then go through this advice with you, making sure you are comfortable with it and adjusting it if necessary. We then outline the next steps you need to take to implement the recommendations.

For most people, we then help implement the recommendations and offer ongoing support and further advice over the years ahead.