Advice you can trust

The Majella Edge

At Majella we do things differently. Our approach to financial planning, and the way we deal with our clients, give us an edge over the others.

What makes Majella different? Why should you choose to use our services?

We offer advice in your best interest

Unlike many financial planning businesses, we are not owned by a financial product provider. This ownership structure, combined with our fee-for-service approach to remuneration, gives our clients the comfort that we provide advice that is always in their best interests.

We aim to deliver superior investment advice

Our fund management backgrounds have given us invaluable insight to investment management. We combine this solid foundation with a commitment and passion for ongoing research. We are always questioning what we do and looking for better ways to manage our clients’ investments.

We will be responsive to your needs

Majella Wealth Advisers are not part of a large dealer group. Being independent cuts the amount of red tape in our planning process, and it allows us to be responsive to client needs. For instance, the process to approve new products for client portfolios, while thorough, is fast. Our clients are therefore more likely to be able to take advantage of opportunities to participate in limited offers.

We deliver tailored advice

We recognise that every client is different. Each has different needs, preferences, and goals. Consequently, our advice for each client is different and tailored to suit them.